About us


Never Stop

LINE Sports and Entertainment is much more than just a company run by a group of professional enthusiastic people with proven track record of experience in the Sports industry and the content generation.

It’s about a group of passionate people always looking for excellence in what they do.

Our compelling nature is to never stop thinking and stay one step ahead of the competition, which has brought us the opportunity to work for what we stand for, to carry out international projects and gain the confidence of major global brands and institutions.

We truly believe in the impact of sports on society and its influence as a universal social driver in the building of a more sustainable world.

That’s the real reason why for us, doing business is more than just about making money. It’s about making an impact.

At LINE Sports and Entertainment we look for partners that share same vision and maxims:

Great is not enough
We look for excellence in work delivered.

People first
We take great care of our family: Employees, Partners, Clients and Suppliers.

It is the attention to the details that count
We know that the real difference resides in taking care of every minute detail in management and executions.

Life is a creative storytelling
We don’t understand strategies and executions without there being emotional stories and content to share.

Make it attractive is what matters
We are serious about integrating a gorgeous design in everything that we do.

Tech for good and fast:
We embrace technology in order to make things easier, faster and greater.

Socially, not digitally, it’s about establishing an emotional connection with people
We work by creating emotional connections with clients and consumers, not just working with machines.

Numbers have an important story to tell
We know just how important it is for our clients metrics. That’s why we report them using the best visual materials.

Think big, start small, scale up fast
We don’t have to cross borders to think globally or locally which is what we do in each every project that we develop. Tailor made projects designed to suit each client’s demands.

Quicker is better than slower
We are an agile agency ready for the changes ahead and we act appropriately according to circumstances and events where and when ever it’s called for.