Our Services

  1. Branded Content

    Branded Content projects
  2. Content and Creative

    We are a business-oriented storyteller. We create an innovative content and a creativity that helps brands to achieve their goals.

    Whether it’s above, below or direct, we’ve got it covered. For us ‘Integrated’ isn’t just a whim. It’s who we are. Starting with solid planning and strategy, we work together with clients to develop campaigns, experiences and a branded content that attracts and catches the attention of constantly bombarded audience.

    Creative Strategy
    Branded Content and Storytelling
    Experiential Activation Campaigns
    Creative Planning
    Event & Experiential Design
    Content and Creative projects
  3. Digital Social Media

    We make use of the influence of the sports social media to help our clients reach their full potential awareness and engagement goals.

    In association with the best digital partners, we deliver everything from a social influencer strategy to lead management, social media strategy, all in order to live the digital experiences and engage consumers, backed by real-time analytics.

    Social Media Strategy & Management
    Social influencers activation
    Digital Event Installations
    Lead and Database Management
    Digital Strategy & Measurement
    Digital Social Media projects
  4. Experiential Activation

    We are able to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their consumers.

    We constantly ensure that the ideas we bring to light are compatible with the company's goals and consumer needs. By walking together on the same path, we deliver a total sports and entertainment experience.

    Experiential Ideation & Concept creation
    B2B and B2C Hospitality
    Field marketing activations
    Event Production
    Footprint Activations
    Experiential Activation projects
  5. Sponsorship Consulting

    We make sure that your brand is where it needs to be. Our know-how ensures that our clients are joined with the right sports assets to reach their objectives and target audience.

    We bring 10+ years of experience and relationships to the negotiating table along with management rights and assets completing an unrivaled understanding of major global and local properties. We then bring it to life, using our heads and creativity to create inspired activations and bold experiences.

    Sponsorship Property Selection
    Sponsorship Portfolio Management
    Property Valuation and Negotiation
    Rights & Asset Management
    Sponsorship ROO & ROI Framework
    Sponsorship Activation Strategy
    Sponsorship Consulting projects
  6. Measurement

    If we don't measure up to the standard we cannot work. Because we know that results are what counts for business.

    We develop custom ROO and ROI frameworks that give our clients a global, visual and analytical big picture of how their investments in sports are progressing.

    We also identify with our clients measurement KPIs and develop post-program analyses that permit our clients to reach data-based decisions that help them manage, measure and maximize the return on their sponsorship investment.

    Sponsorship ROI & ROO
    Data Modeling & Analytics
    On site & Online Research
    Measurement projects