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Our move

Sports has proven to be a powerful tool for the emotional development of children and youth, stimulating self-esteem and respect for everything that surrounds them.

Under this concept, we aimed to provide families in this nation with hope and optimism by sharing the inspiring tales of renowned professional athletes and social role models who used sports as a potent remedy for the bullying they suffered during their childhood.

We compiled all the stories into a documentary, broadcasted on LaSexta, which was used as a pretext to launch an organic and paid communication campaign through conventional media and social media, helping to put bullying on the social agenda of this country. On the other side, we used the documentary to generate additional content that fed the brand’s channels and was amplified via the main characters’ digital platforms.

“Immersing myself in this documentary has been a gift…. It has helped me to become aware and to understand that we all have to put an end to bullying. It’s not a problem of parents or children, it is a problem for everyone, because what is at stake is our future as a society.”

Hernán Zin. Director


We began our journey by joining the Consejo Superior de Deportes through the Fundación Deporte Joven and the Plan ADB 2020 Ayuda al Deporte Base, so that they could all bring their experience and knowledge about sports to the documentary.

We proceeded with the initiative in search of inspiring stories concerning bullying: Carolina Marín, Ray Zapata, and Susana Rodríguez as top athletes and Olympic medalists; Jero García as an educator and former boxer; and Papi Gavi as a Youtuber. They were all willing to open their hearts and share their experiences with us. Helena Resano, as a mother and journalist, participated as narrator of the documentary.

We put together a production team with Buendía Studios and Docland, led by renowned documentary filmmaker Hernán Zin. We reached an agreement with Atresmedia for the documentary’s broadcast as well as the creation of a multichannel communication campaign on TV, digital, and radio to bring our protagonists and their stories to the main spaces of the media: Pasapalabra, El Hormiguero, Espejo Público, Noticias A3, Atresplayer and OndaCero among others.

Furthermore, we developed a PR strategy that included a Premiere of the documentary, allowing us to expand the project’s visibility in the country’s most relevant media: El Mundo, Marca, As, Cope, 20 minutos…

“Colacao is looking at the problem of bullying straight in the eye. No problem is solved if we don’t face it, if we don’t do everything possible to put an end to it.”

Carmen Cabestany. Teacher and CEO of NACE



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