Barcelona City Council

A healthier food system for all

The starting point
what we did
  • + Strategic targets
  • + Relevant content universes
  • + Creative ideas for social media challenges
  • + Organic content creation strategy
  • + Activation plan
  • + Awareness media campaign
  • + Influencer selection
  • + Influencer collaboration strategy
  • + Pre-ROI calculations
Our move

We wanted to rely on the younger generations to lead the movement that would create a more just and sustainable society as they have long demonstrated a better adaptability to change as well as a strong will to make an impact towards a more sustainable future.

Our team created a series of challenges and dynamics to be implemented in social media that would not only raise awareness within the population but also provide knowledge, encourage user generated content and interaction.


All in all, we delivered a digital citizen engagement campaign and a digital influencer awareness campaign to be implemented by the Barcelona City Council communications department during 2021.

We started by defining targets as well as relevant content universes and digital communication channels for each of them. More than 25 creative ideas for social media challenges were delivered to reach every target and generate an organic flow of content creation and interaction. A team of digital ambassadors associated with the main topics of the campaign was defined to ensure a wide reach.