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Becas Vamos

The starting point
what we did
  • + Campaign Strategy
  • + Website Design
  • + Digital Creativity
  • + Branded Content
  • + Launch Activation
  • + PR events
  • + Campaign Results Analysis

The opportunity you’ve given me has been amazing. You’ve reminded me to never stop fighting for my dreams.

Julia Sintas, grant-holder

Our move

We created the biggest grant program in Spain to encourage our youngest to practice sports the way they always dreamed to, while spreading the positive values associated to it.

It was vital to communicate the importance of sports to as many children, their families and communities as possible. Through digital and media campaigns we worked not only on creating brand and program awareness, but also corporate social responsibility.


We were determined to make their dreams come true.

A website was created to inform and let candidates apply for the grants, with more than 2.000 applications received.

Through each of the two editions, voting rounds were held and the jury, consisting of CSD, Idilia Foods and the ambassadors, elected the candidates with the most inspiring stories.

Relevant and emotional branded content on the most inspiring stories was created to impact and inspire as many children and families as possible.

Mireia Belmonte and Saúl Craviotto, Spanish Olympians, were chosen as ambassadors to embody effort, perseverance and passion for sports. They became a role model for every child that took part in the program and amplified it through social media and PR events.

Young boys and girls should never forget to have fun, to be happy while playing sports. The role of Becas Vamos is so important, helping them to never forget this!

Javier Gómez Noya, Olympic athlete and grant ambassador



Benefited children


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Social Media and Branded Content Reach

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