LaLiga Partnership

Refueling a unique connection

The starting point
what we did
  • + Sponsorship negotiation
  • + Communication campaign concept
  • + Master design for the communication campaign
  • + Media and PR plan
  • + Social media content strategy
  • + Packaging design
  • + Brand experience creation
  • + Sale stimulus definition (B2B + B2C)
Our move

To reach all generations across more than 5 countries, we leveraged African passion for soccer to connect with the audience. Partnering with LaLiga, one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world, with rising presence in Africa, we were able to maximize the campaign’s potential. We created an activation plan for each country and negotiated the partnership with LaLiga, with the understanding that it was a win-win situation: both GB Foods and LaLiga would benefit from the other’s market penetration.


Each country and region have different contexts. So, for every business unit, we developed a consultancy plan to better understand and analyze their needs and objectives. We started by developing workshops that would take place in the annual GB Foods Africa Convention, where all business units meet. The aim was to present the partnership with LaLiga and start the design thinking process about how to approach and get the best of the new available assets.

For each business unit, we analyzed the markets: insights, trends, digital and traditional communication channels, the supply chain, and interviewed vendors and wholesalers, as to define how and where we should act. Based on our conclusions, we conducted a second workshop where the strategy was presented.

We developed a 360º strategy that included promotions, packaging, billboards and merchandising, adding intangible value to household products and impacting B2B and B2C touchpoints.