Danone + Olympic Games

Danone with the Olympians

The starting point
what we did
  • + Creative concept
  • + Content script
  • + Content production
  • + Influencers and celebrity management
  • + Athlete management
  • + Amplification campaign management
  • + Reporting
Our move

Danone wanted to show in a clear way their support for Spanish sportswomen and sportsmen 48 hours before they started living their Olympic dream through what they most love and need: their families and friends. Amplified through celebrities, influencers and other athletes, as well as the brand’s channels, we needed to let them know that the whole country was supporting, rooting for, and proud of them.


The content strategy was developed through a brand experience designed specifically for the athletes. 

We selected four athletes and Olympic teams that would be training at the High-Performance Centre in Madrid 48 hours prior to leaving for Rio de Janeiro. We approached their families and friends, influencers, celebrities and other famous athletes, and asked for encouraging video messages.

We then set the stage for the surprise on the training site: as the athletes were training, a screen lit up, and the video messages started playing. Once the video ended, and everyone thought the surprise was over, a family member of the athletes appeared, to bid farewell and embody the wishes of success of the entire nation.

An audiovisual spot was created from the experience, and everyone involved posted them on their social media channels.