4Motion Winter Campaign, Volkswagen

The conquest of the mountain territory

The starting point
what we did
  • + Sponsorship negotiation
  • + Sponsorship management
  • + Sponsorship activation
  • + Branding implementation
  • + Billboard and branded Christmas lighting campaign 
  • + Campaign results analysis
Our move

To reach and communicate with Volkswagen’s core target for 4Motion vehicles we wanted to create a strong association between Volkswagen 4Motion and the mountain territory.

After more than 10 years working with ski resorts throughout Spain, we decided that La Cerdanya Valley in the Pyrenees was the best place to start, due to its high traffic of visitors, a great number of whom match the brand’s core target.

The strategy was to seal a long-term partnership with one of the biggest ski resorts in the area as well as creating new touchpoints to connect with the audience.


For 7 straight seasons now, we’ve managed Volkswagen’s sponsorship of La Molina Ski Resort and its activation in the nearby area.

On top of taking care of the resort branding implementation we built an innovative camera system for users to be able to see their ski movie descending the Slalom 4Motion racetrack. The system helps make the connection between the ski territory and the 4Motion technology.

To engage with the audience during their leisure time on Christmas days we invited families with kids to bring their Christmas letters for Santa and the Three Wise Men and take a picture with them in the most crowded spot in the area. We used the occasion to showcase Volkswagen’s latest model and acquire commercial leads that the area authorized dealer could later turn into sales.



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